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Kim's Poultry Care Centre

Located in Nakuru town behind a popular center called Giddo Plaza, Kim's Poultry Care Center is ever determined to produce high quality meat and the best size chicken. To accomplish this, Kim's Poultry Care Center has carried out thorough research and after obtaining the results, produces quality feeds which are supplied at a reasonable price to out-grower farmers.

At the moment, Kim's Feed Factory is producing two main feeds; Broiler Starter and Broiler Finisher. The feeds are produced using the finest of raw materials and mixed with a nutrient enriched formula to make the two products high quality feeds for broiler chicken.

Apart from producing feeds, Kim's Poultry Care Center is integrated with an out-grower farming system comprising of contract farmers to whom we sell day-old chicks at very reasonable prices. The feeds factory has gone ahead and even offers advice to the farmers on how to rear their chicks until maturity i.e. ready for market. The Care center also provides support to the farmers in regards to rearing plans, medication, and investment advice amongst other services.

The farmers have an assured market for their chicken, when they are ready... Kim's Slaughter Factory of course!!! This assurance is very important to farmers as they don't have to worry about how or where they will sell their products for the right price!


Apart from the services that we offer, Kim's Poultry Care Center has products which make chicken farming easy!


  • Day Old Chicks
  • Broiler Starter
  • Broiler Finisher
  • Vaccines and medication
  • Poultry Equipment: Feeders, Drinkers


Kim's Poultry Care Center provides farmers with all the help they need and we are constantly making follow ups to ensure that the farmers have no problems. We encourage the farmers and give them all the support they require to produce healthy and quality chicken.

Below are some of the services that Kim's Poultry Care Center provides to our farmers and those who are interested in joining our system.

  • Out Grower Farming System
  • Rearing plans and consultations
  • Investments advice
  • Medication Support
  • Guaranteed Market