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Feeds Factory

With a capacity of 50 metric tons per day, this semi automated feed mill produces specialized mash feed especially to cater to our own needs. The mash feed is a blend of several feed ingredients, grinded to a small size but not to powder form. This state-of-the-art feed mill has a capacity of 2 Tonnes Per Hour and is expandable to 8 Tonnes Per Hour. This modern feed mill will benefit about 500 farmers in and around Nakuru county (60 km radius).

Poultry feed being the major input in poultry production accounts for 70% to 80% of the total production cost. With the poultry industry in Kenya ready for rapid growth, availability and cost of feeds can become critical thus influencing the production costs and the overall quality of the final product. With this keen understanding and foresight, Kim's Poultry Farm ensures our out-grower farmers receive the highest quality feeds in a timely manner and in adequate quantities.